We have the in-house expertise to offer project design advice incorporating a single service or multiple integrated services.

We support our customers from the outset.

  • Identifying client requirements.
  • Applying our expertise and offering guidance.
  • Offering energy efficient technologies.
  • Budgeting for prospective projects.
  • Procuring specialist services to support projects.
  • Producing detailed estimates.
  • Projecting life cycle costs.


Our experienced project teams provide a wealth of experience in coordinating and managing projects ranging from complex multi-service installations to minor refurbishment works.

We focus on key elements to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Detailed planning and programming of activities.
  • Identifying external dependencies.
  • Allocating appropriate resources to the project.
  • Effective management of personnel and sub-contractors.
  • Maintaining communication at every stage of the project.
  • Monitoring performance against key milestones.
  • Incorporating changes to minimise impact.
  • Producing detailed and relevant operating and maintenance manuals.